About Us

Ahmad Tohari Society and Net is a community. Community that are consisting of young people. Young people are missing for artistic sciences. That is not forget the great history of  the nation, but nevertheless visionary view of the future. Young people are hoping the young leader. To replace and inherit the leadership relay baton from the old failed. Failed to establish a great nation, which independent and sovereign. Young people are aspiring to uphold the constitution of the country. Restore the noble values ​​of the nation and uphold the local wisdom.

So with a strong desire, we are going hand-in-hand. Learn and keep learning. Looking for a teacher figure. Until finding a local figure with a global quality. Ahmad Tohari. A simple humanist man who has going worldwide. Banyumas original novelist’s, who has going worldwide because of his great artwork. Not presume and unexpected, he has the originally character of Indonesia. Friendly, simple, intelligent, perceptive, and care for the weak. Critical, discipline and honest. Therefore it is mandatory for us to imitate him. We need to hear his lectures and sermons, to understood his paradigm about nation and state. About education and religion. About political, social, and cultural.

And in order to restore the noble values​​, develop and preserve indigenous culture of Banyumas, this blog is dedicated to you with the most of the “cablaka” language. Ethnic ​​and unique languages. Language that sometimes called “ngapak”. This is the language of the people who represent honesty society. We expect this language is sustainable and does not disappear crushed by globalization. Our hope. []


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